Tree Disease Diagnosis

treediseaseAre your trees not looking their best?┬áSigns of disease of infection include a lack of vigor or color, twisted or curled leaves, “skeletonized” leaves or fungus growth, among other indications.

There are several different types of diseases and causes of tree sickness — including insects — so it helps to consult a professional to accurately diagnose your tree’s condition.

The good news: Many times, these issues can be cleared up, if not eliminated, with a proactive procedure from a certified arborist. Sometimes a more reactive response is necessary, but the road to recovery always begins with proper diagnosis.

Even if your issue requires more care, we are the team to consult for tree disease diagnosis in Dallas or Fort Worth. Tree disease treatment requires the skill of experts! We will examine your trees using state-of-the-art techniques, a keen eye and years of experience. We’ll then diagnose the issue and offer the best treatment plan to best suit your needs and budget. Call us today to get started improving the health of your tree.

Tree diseases and treatment

treedisease2Trees, along with other plants, need a good balance of water, light and nutrients. If they have too much or too little of any of these, they could become stressed, which could lead to disease.

Tree diseases fall into two categories: infectious (transmitted by microscopic living agents such as fungi, protozoa, viruses or bacteria) and non-infectious (caused by factors such as nutrient deficiencies, vandalism, temperature variations and compacted soil).

Then there’s the issue of insects. While most bugs are good for trees and the environment, some do cause damage. Insects that affect trees are grouped into three categories, based on the way they eat: chewing, sucking or boring. They each can cause different types of damage, so a proper diagnosis is key to getting the right treatment.

As soon as you notice any worrisome changes to your tree’s health, you may want to examine the plant and list specific signs and symptoms. This will help to accurately identify the problem and come up with a cure.

IMG_5757Integrity Tree Care is the company to call for accurate tree disease diagnosis. Our certified arborists will work with you to determine the cause of your tree’s issues. A Fort Worth company that serves the entire Metroplex, we are dedicated to providing top-quality tree care in the area. Call us to get started today!